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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse management

The warehouse plays a crucial role in the logistics chain. Each product often moves in and out of many of them on the journey to its final destination. A product that stays on the shelf for too long costs the business owner money.

Arox Logistics IT’s WMS (Warehouse Management System) lets every customer achieve optimal performance. Our specialists set up the software in consultation with you so that it can quickly and correctly interpret the data you receive from your customers. That helps you get a handle on the bottlenecks in your logistics processes and optimise your business processes. With our software, you can shift quickly, even in unexpected situations. That means no product will ever stay on the shelf longer than necessary.




Arox your WMS supplier

Arox Logistics IT develops all of our software solutions from the business owner’s perspective. With nearly 15 years of practical experience as a WMS supplier, Arox is a stable player in the logistics industry. We’ve carefully integrated that practical knowledge into our WMS software.

When you turn to WMS suppliers for software today, they often try to sell you a standardised package. These packages have minimal flexibility and often offer little in the way of customisation to seamlessly integrate with your specific needs and business processes. That almost always results in losses in time and efficiency. Market research shows that only 12% of all companies use a standardised WMS system (logistiek.nl, 2015).

Our WMS software, tailor made for you
At Arox Logistics IT, we work the other way around. We focus on you, the business owner, not on the WMS package. We talk to you and listen carefully to what you want and need. Together, we go through each logistics process, then we start to develop the WMS software. Throughout the development phase, we keep the lines of communication short and discuss the process with you. The end goal is to create a tailor-made package that ensures smooth business processes with as few interruptions as possible. We know that downtime costs you money and good energy.

Downtime costs money in the logistics industry, but it also means slowdown. That’s why innovation is a key pillar for Arox Logistics IT. We’re always looking to the future, so that we can continue to offer you the latest technology in the WMS arena. For instance, we’re currently deploying smart glasses in the logistics environment. We’re also looking at other wearables that can make work processes that much easier and more efficient. Arox solutions are already using tomorrow’s technology today.

Complete solution
Arox doesn’t just develop software, we take a critical look at all of the processes within your company. In the end, we create a complete solution that fits all of the work processes together flawlessly. Seamlessly integrated WMS software ensures a higher level of efficiency, thus saving time. That both saves you money and creates satisfied customers. That saves you money and gives you satisfied customers. And what company wouldn’t want that?


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